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ADAG - Aircraft Design & AeroFlightDynamics Group

The Aircraft Design and AeroflightDynamics Group (ADAG) is a part of the Department of Industrial Engineering - Aerospace Engineering Division (DII, University of Naples “Federico II”). Actually is going to change the name from Department of Aerospace Engineering (DIAS) to Department of Industrial Engineering - Aerospace Sector (DII). ADAG researchers work in the aeronautical field and in the renewable energy field under the guidance of Professor Domenico P. Coiro. ADAG is a group of 18 people in which only 3 are internal to the Federico II (Prof. D.P. Coiro, Prof. F. Nicolosi and Prof. A. De Marco).

In the aeronautical field, ADAG is involved in the following subjects: design of subsonic airplanes, wind tunnel tests, flight tests and flight simulation of light and ultra-light airplanes. Examples of recent, notable activities are: the design, analysis and test of an ultra-light S.T.O.L. (Short Take-Off and Landing) aircraft in composite material; the design, analysis and test of an advanced concept of wing with multiple winglets.

An important field of application of ADAG research group is in flight testing and flight simulation; ADAG researchers are capable of entirely managing flight tests, real time data acquisition and flight simulations. Flight simulation is performed with a 6 DOF simulator, which can simulate forces on the control bar also. As part of the DII, ADAG is in charge of and operates the DII Wind Tunnel. More details are available in this site in "Research" section.

Since 1990 ADAG has been promoting going through several research projects in the renewable energy field also. These projects have focused on clean energy exploitation from tidal currents and wind energy. In order to obtain energy from wind and tidal currents, vertical axis turbines and horizontal axis turbines have been designed, built and tested. Our group has an international license about an innovative vertical axis turbine’s rotor, the Kobold, to exploit tidal currents.

The ADAG Reserach group is involved, in collaboration with Eng. Nicola Morrone, in the GEM project that is a 300 kW turbine for the production of energy from tidal currents to install about 20 m depth. Were carried out detailed numerical analysis and two models were tested in the towing tank of the "Federico II".

The First full-scale GEM prototype installed in the lagoonVenetian Lagoon. The expected power with a lagoon current speed of 1.5 m / s is ~ 20 kW.

In 2010, in order to produce small horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines, a new spin-off company, named EolPower Group Srl was founded.

ADAG has produced 70 pubblications for journals and presented in international congresses.